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We help provide safe and loving homes for millions of baby oysters. Here's how we do it...

How Oysters Reproduce & Grow

Spat on Shell 

Recycled shells ready to get planted.
IMG_2744 2.jpg
Oysters growing on recycled shell. 
Recycled shells planted to catch oyster spat.

Spat-on-shell results when spat, a.k.a oyster larvae/baby oysters, attaches to oyster or clam shells and grows. Shells with spat can be left where they are planted, or they can be moved and planted as seed oysters and used to restore and grow oyster beds.


How Our Spat-on-Shell Program Works: Recycled oyster and clam shells can be used to catch oyster spat. We recycle shells from local restaurants and festivals and let the shell cure at our storage site for a minimum of six months. The cured shells can be planted in specific areas to catch spat. Shells can also be placed in mesh bags and hung off of docks to catch spat.  Once the spat starts to grow out, the shells can be moved and planted in areas in need of restoration. 

What is Spat-on-shell?

Bagged recycled shells to be hung off of docks to catch oyster spat.
Oysters growing on recycled shells. 
Oysters growing on recycled shells. 
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