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 SHELL RECOVERED SINCE JULY 2023:   352,727 lbs



 CORR is an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating a collaborative statewide shell recycling network and supporting shellfish restoration projects

in Long Island Sound. 

We help provide safe and loving homes to millions of baby oysters!

Oyster shells are a natural resource and a key component in building and restoring oyster habitats, which provide many environmental benefits. In Connecticut, almost all the shells from oysters and clams consumed at restaurants and festivals get thrown in the trash and end up in landfills. Our mission is to reduce waste by reclaiming and recycling these valuable oyster shells so they get used in crucial oyster restoration projects and ultimately improve our environment. Please help CORR save these important oyster shells from landfills so they can provide homes for millions of baby oysters. 

Explore below to find out how recycled oyster shells help grow more oyster and benefit the environment.


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